Report Card [April]: Sleep, Food, Water, Exercise

In “How to Win”, Daniel Gross talks about the importance of going for the long game and making sure you do well on the basics, Sleep, Food, Water, Exercise. 1

Sleep: Score (3 / 5)

- I don't have trouble falling asleep. I sleep 6-7 hours at night. And at least an hour a day. Though my sleep cycle is not stable, which doesn't allow me to form stable habits during the day. Daniel mentioned that a lot of programmers have a 25 hour sleep cycle, as in you sleep 12-8 today, then 1-9 next day, 2-10 day after and so on. I think this might be true.

What can I improve?

I feel having a stable sleep cycle of say 11-6 will really help.

Food: Score (4 / 5)

- Food situation is pretty sorted. We have an amazing cook, he cooks healthy food. We pretty much have no junk food in the house. I eat some sweets outside every once in a while, but that's okay.

What can I improve?

  • Add more fruits in my diet. Maybe reduce sugar.

Water: Score (2 / 5)

I don't think I drink enough water. I often feel I want to drink something, then I go to the fridge, see there is nothing and then go back. We should stock up our fridge. I used to drink a lot of soda with lemon or salt earlier, it feels nice in summer. I can resume that.

Exercise: (3 / 5)

- Exercise is sorted. I have been lifting regularly, reaching a Dead Lift of 95 KG 1 RPM 💪🏻 We have a home gym setup.

- I am on the PD Magnan's 1 hour week fitness routine suggested by flatmate Sreejith [1]. I do 2 workout  sessions of 40 minutes each, per week.

What can I do better?

  • Do some running as well.

Overall: 12/20, this is a passable score

Let's revisit these every month and see if I can improve. At the very least, the score shouldn’t decrease.

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He also mentions Leadership, don’t think there is an easy way to measure that. In anycase, people working with me are better equiped to talk about it.