So convenient that it transforms the way you work!

Someone asked me “How is the Github or stackoverflow tab in Neera different from appending to the query?”

Short answer, there isn’t much difference.1

Long answer, it’s so convenient that it transforms the way you work.

I use Neera to find things from my favorite blogs.

I have created profiles in Neera with my favorite blogs. I put in a topic, and one by one scan through the tabs to see what my favourite blogs are saying about the topic. Now it is so convenient that I can do this couple of times a day. Earlier it was possible, but inconvenient enough that I did it maybe twice in my lifetime. The inconvenience came in two ways, first you have to type in the whole “”, second, the list of my favourite blogs is long, so I have to remember to search within them, then remember their urls. Too much work!

I admit that difference isn’t huge right now, though this is the start, we plan to make it super convenient to find all sorts of information. Initially it’s a “nice to have”, though in long term, it will transform the way we use internet. Similar to what other tools did to us, like language, the mechanical clock2, cars or the internet.

Cars aren’t just fast horses, they were so fast that the whole post industrial world reorganized itself around cars and highways.3



Example for techies, Git wasn’t the first version control system. There were other version control system, but they were slow, bulky and inconvenient. Hence weren’t very popular. Git was so fast that you could commit things multiple times a day, and merging things was a non task. Git finally made it easy to use version control and ultimately changed the way you do software development.