Sell to Win!

Mac had a series of advertisements, comparing Mac and PC. The ads are delightful, they personify all the mac's features and show how they play out.

I especially like the "Accident" ad where PC got an accident because someone tripped over the power chord, but mac doesn't have to worry about it, because the chords had this little magnet, when the cord is pulled, they just swoop out.

The thing to like about these is how clearly it brings out the differences, even though on a superficial level you might think PC and mac are similar.

I wrote down few advertisements for Neera, assuming the product is full glory. It is an exercise to help us think about what will resonate with people, and how we can market the product.

Ad: Profiles

Hello I am Google, and Hi I am Neera, we are here to help you.

<A young woman with smart glasses walks in, let us call her Roma>

Roma: Hello Google, I want to learn about ionic bonds today.

Google: Sure, here are 15 million results!

Roma: Oh Google, don't show me these YouTube videos for high schoolers, which I have seen already, I am in college now.

Neera: Hello miss, we feel you, so do hundreds of other undergrads. That's why other volunteers have created a search profile for other undergrads out so that you find resources appropriate for your level of study.

Roma: So it won't show me YouTube videos for high schoolers?

Neera: Nope, and it won't show you articles which be can only be understood by PhDs.

Roma: What if I actually go on to do a Ph.D. later?

Neera: Well, then you can change to a Chemistry for Ph. Ds profile.

Roma: Oh Amazing 😄, now I'll only use Neera. to find information.

Ad: Filters

Hello I am Google, and Hi I am Neera, we are here to help you.

<A young woman in a modern outfit walks in. We'll call her Ruhi>

Ruhi: Hello Google, I want to cook pasta today, but I am a vegan, can you help me with that.

Google: Sure, here's a vegan pasta recipe.

Ruhi: Oh, this one uses Tofu, I don't have Tofu in my house. Can you show me Vegan Pasta recipes without Tofu?

Google: Here Shows a recipes

Ruhi: Oh this one takes too much time to cook. Show me Vegan Pasta Recipes without Tofu which can be cooked fast.

Google: Here you go, Fifteen hundred recipes.

Ruhi: Are you dumb Google, all of them take more than 40 minutes, and I have seen half of them already.

Google: Maybe you should improve your question-asking skills 🤷🏻

<Ruhi is visibly angry now, Neera walks in>

Neera: Hi, with Neera you can filter your recipes by ingredients and cooking time. Here, I found the perfect recipe for you!

Ruhi: Oh Neera, you are great!

Hugs Neera takes the recipe and goes back to cooking.

Ad: Meme

Girl: Hey Google hurry up, I need to send that funny meme to Racheal, it is perfect for the situation.

Google: You have to tell me which meme you want.

Girl: That meme where there is a girl and boy, the girl asks something and the boy didn't respond.

Google: Do you mean this?

<Google shows something random and unrelated>

Neera: Do you mean this meme was popular on Twitter last week?

Girl: Yes, Exactly this one, perfect!

<The girl takes the meme and runs away>

<End with Thug life, joint, Goggles, and cap on Neera's face>

Ad: Contextual Tools

Writing about BibTex, there are similar examples in other areas

<A nerdy looking girl walks in>

Girl: Can you give an the paper on the origin of Dianasours?

Google Scholar: Here is your paper

Girl: Now give me the BibTex for this, this, and this paper. I need to use them in my research. <Pointing to the specific papers>

Google Scholar: Click, here, then here, then. For each of the papers.

<Girl looks dejected, go on to slowly copy BibTex for each paper>

<Neera walks>

Neera: Hey Debby, looks like you are quite busy.

Girl: Sorta, just copying the BibTex for all these papers to cite in my research.

Neera: Oh! It doesn't have to be so much work.

<Neera, clicks all the papers Girl wanted BibTex for, then clicks on the "Copy BibTex" button and gives it to the Girl>

Ad: Travel Search

<Three friends are looking for the best place to visit for bachelor>

<One runs to Google>

Friend 1: Google, give me the hotel with the best chicken in the whole of America!

<Google, gives a list of options, to which Ross says "Too far" to the first option, "Too expensive", to the second option, and "Too strange" to the third option>

<Neera, on side wobbles his head in disappointment>

<Then we show a group of 3 different friends, they look classier and cooler than the previous 3>

<There are discussing where to go for the bachelors>

Raghu: Let's go to LA this time

Rahul: No man, that will be too expensive, our budget is only $1500 per person.

Ram: You know with Neera, you can enter your budget, and it gives you the places you can visit under that budget!

<Ram goes to Neera, tells the budget and other constraints>

<Neera Gives gives the Cities + Hotels + Flights combinations which fit that constraint.>

Rahul: Woah, that was quick! Book this!

Ad: Developers


Rupa: Hey Rags! The React library you told me about last week, is amazing! Using it I was able to complete my work assignment in a week, it would have taken a month otherwise

Ragini: You know right!

Rupa: Where do you find such amazing stuff?

Ragini: There is a new search engine Neera, they have super optimized it for developers. They have indexed, HackerNews, Reddit, even content from community discord channels and slacks. If I run into some trouble, I search it on Neera, and always find gems through it.

Rupa: Oh wow! I’ll give it a shot.


Aditya calls up his buddy Sonu to seek help.

Aditya: Hey, Sonu, I am kinda stuck here?

Sonu: What’s the trouble?

Aditya: Some obscure issue with a Rust library we are using in our system. Have been Googling for days now, didn’t help!

Sonu: Forget Google, try searching it on Neera, go to, and enter your query. I am on the call.

Aditya: Okay bro, doing it, … okay I go to, … type in refresh the indexes on Typesense … oh wow! Right here, is what I wanted, it is a link to a discord conversation. I never knew such a discord even existed!

Sonu: That ain’t it buddy! Neera also indexes all the community slack, discord channels, youtube comments, and course websites so that you can always find what you wanted!

Aditya: Man! Why didn’t you tell me about Neera earlier?

Ads about Searching behind Authenticated walls

(written by Raghavendra)

For a software developer

Lana is a courageous software developer, who is excited to use new tools daily in her work. But most of the new products or tools have their discussions on Discord or Slack. When Lana searches her queries, google doesn’t show them. And she has to always try to open the relevant discord server or slack workspace and check several channels if her query has been asked previously. Due to the poor search(only string matching with typo tolerance), she has to try to modify her query several times to check. This is frustrating for Lana.

Lana shifts to Neera. Now just by a click of a tab, Lana can search intelligently through all the workspaces within seconds. Lana has been productive since then! Thanks to Neera

For a reader

Ava is an avid book reader. She reads a lot of books and is also a member of a lot of Discord servers to discuss books with like-minded people. Ava is reading Crime and Punishment with her online friends, but due to her hectic schedule, she is behind her friends. While reading she gets across some ideas and searches in the servers if the discussion has been done on it already. But poor discord, who just does hacky string matching returns irrelevant results. And the worst part, the search results return her a spoiler, destroying her reading experience. 

You don’t have to be like Ava. Use Neera. Search intelligently across Private spaces like Discord Servers, Slack workspaces, Pocket Articles, Notion Documents, Drive files, and more!