Glass 🤩

Glass morphism is a new design trend, I wanted to try my hands on it. It turns out it is fairly easy. Absolutely love the way it looks!1

Tutorial Video:


  • Create a rectangle, give it rounded corners.

  • Imp: Give it a white gradient fill. The trick is, both the colors of the gradient are white, but opacity is different, this gives the main glass kind of effect.

  • Add border and shadows, keep the border colors white.

  • Write the text on top of glass, light shadow gives a nice feel.

  • Then add a noise, reduce its opacity to 20%, overlay with the rectangle. This gives the frostly look to the glass.

  • Tada 🎉🥂, Show it off!


TBH, It feels like a guitly pleasure, instead of spending time on other work, I am spending on creating glass effects 😅