Server Side Rendering :: Work in Progress Notes


  • GatsbyJS: A framework for static sites, uses server side rendering

  • Next.js: A react framework with built in serverside rendering

  • Rehydation: will update soon

Basic concepts:

Why server side rendering (SSR)? (Generally)

  • With usual react: The browser loads all html + JS libraries before anything is painted on the screen. This is slow

  • Web crawlers don't behave well with Javascript and aren't able to parse your website, hence it give it low score in search ranking

Why server side rendering for us?

  • For snippet Apps, and search plugins, see details (

  • Presently we are loading all the plugins with the main react app, which makes the bundle size really big. Also there is trouble on how to load the plugins from external sources. SSR makes a lot of sense.

Reading List [TODO]